Ridekick Team

The Ridekick Team

What started in a garage with only an idea and a drill has led to a team of full of passionate, driven people. Meet the folks who make Ridekick International tick.


   Dee Coyle Wanger, aka “Mama Bear,” has the specialty of attending to anything
that needs to get done, with a focus on Culture Development and Marketing. Her
resume includes a Bachelor’s in Communications Studies from UC Santa Barbara
and a Master’s in Education – Higher Education Administration from Colorado
State University.  Dee is also the Founder of the non-profit Discovery Science
Center in Northern Colorado, a small business owner of DMC Publications, and a
Lego Robotics Coach and former elementary school teacher at Rivendell School.
After a year and a half of sharing close living quarters and conducting dinner table consulting with the founder of Ridekick, Dee found a calling to the small business start-up. With her Ridekick power trailer, Dee says, “I’m more likely to ride – commute to work, to social activities, to the grocery store, to… anywhere!  It’s efficient AND fun! My only complaint is the bugs in my teeth from smiling so much on the way.” Dee’s mission is to make every individual she comes in contact with to feel important. And on top of that, she has climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro!


   Mark Wanger, President/Founder of Ridekick International, has a focus on
recruiting talented, passionate people to accelerate our mission. Degrees from
Colorado State University, MIT, and UC Santa Barbara have translated into 25
years of experience in business strategy, planning, engineering, and marketing.
Mark’s path to Ridekick International started while pursuing energy savings for
the community. “I needed a way to commute without sweating or using a car.
John Bidwell provided an answer that catalyzed the founding of RKI!”  His
”beyond” with his Ridekick power trailer is bicycling against a headwind with a ‘kick. “It’s a fantastic feeling.  Bring it on!”  Mark’s personal mission is life is to help people have fun while reducing their carbon footprints. Some interesting things you probably wouldn’t guess about Mark is that he is left-handed, loves to solve puzzles, and has yet to send a text message. We’ll see how long that lasts!


   Mike Wilkinson is Ridekick’s Customer Technical Support and miscellaneous
builder of all things big and small. He has a B.S. from Colorado State University in
Mechanical Engineering, is trained as a pilot, and is a self-taught woodworker.
After 10 years as a pilot in the Air Force, he became a commercial pilot and
created a custom furniture business when not flying. Plus, he enjoys cycling.
Mike’s “beyond” with the Ridekick power trailer is making cycling an option for
more people in more places. His personal mission in life? Live in the here and
now. And would you have ever guessed that he can stack 3 golf balls on top of each other?