USA regulations allow a power-assisted maximum speed of 20 mph for bicycles. At speeds greater than 20 mph, a powered bicycle is not longer considered a bicycle and is subject to scooter laws. The Ridekick™ power trailer has a maximum rated power of 500 watts and a motor speed capable of producing non-pedaling bike speeds up to 19 mph subject to certain conditions¹.

To operate a Ridekick™ assisted bike in the United States, the user does not need a license or moped certificate. There is no age limit, and you can use a Ridekick power trailer on cycling paths and bike lanes. It conforms to most regulations for normal bicycles. However, local laws and regulations may vary from city to city and state to state: Ridekick International advises owners to check relevant regulations where you will be using the Ridekick™ power trailer.


Patent: US 6,725,955; Patent Pending


24” wide x 39” long* x 16” tall  (60.9 cm x 99 cm x 40.6 cm)


40 pounds with battery pack  (18.1 kg)

Cargo Capacity

Rated to 75 lbs (incremental to the Ridekick™)  (34.02 kg)
41.8 liters of cargo capacity inside the unit


500 watt electric brush motor

Battery Pack

Sealed lead acid (SLA) battery: 24 volt , 12 amp hour
Standard configuration weight of battery: 18.8 pounds  (8.5 kg)


UL certified 1.5 amp Smart Charger with LED status display
Full battery maximum charge time: 6 hours
Charging temperature: 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C)


Digitally proportional lever action


Microprocessor based smart controller
Scrolling diagnostic display
Battery damage protection


Quick-release; attaches to rear hub

Speed Control

Regulated by hand-operated throttle
Maximum speed: 19 mph¹ (30.6 km/h)


Expected distance: 12-15 miles¹ (19.3 km)

Actual Distance/Speed¹

Dependent upon:

  • Degree of pedaling combined with Ridekick use (more pedaling, less Ridekick = further distance)
  • Weight of rider
  • Weight of load carried
  • Temperature (colder = less distance)
  • Terrain (more hills = less distance)
  • Bike and Ridekick tire pressure


40 amps

Maximum Tire Pressure

35 psi

Tire Size

12 ½” x 2 ¼ ”  (31.75 cm x 5.715 cm)

¹Speed and distance dependent upon: Degree of pedaling combined with Ridekick use, weight of rider, weight of load carried, temperature, terrain, and tire pressure.